Tuesday, January 22, 2008


This is Grandma Moody and I on Christmas Eve at her house! We had so much fun there with all the Moodys and had a blast driving home in the snow storm. I was really happy to have my new all wheel drive van to be safe in !! That is all I needed for Christmas, a new car!

We know that Lexi has always wanted to be a dog anyways!!

Jake says that "God heard my prayer to get Starscream back, so he put him in Santa's bag to give to him back to me!" (Jake has lost Starscream the transformer on his wild bikeride to the church late at night by himself)

We all know what Lizzie's favorite gift of the morning was!!

Dad got his "thing" on with his sweet new shorts and Hanna Montana Wig!!
He's such a goof ball!

Friday, August 31, 2007

First Day of Kindergarten!!
Jake is so excited to go to kindergarten where he gets to be with his friend Luke Mumford and learn Math, Reading, and Spanish!! GO JAKE!
He started August 27th.

He's going to us his head and smarts all year long.
(These are all Jake's own poses for the camera)
He's quite the guy!

His favorite part is the playground!

We started our summer in April at Disneyland with my family. We had Gammy, Duke, Beau and his wife Stacy and his daughter Lily, Jaimee, Hayley, and my crew. Shelle was performing with her school singing and dancing group. We thank her for having talent so we can have vacations. The girls also go to see Wicked in L.A. and we had a great time!
We had such a fun summer. We did so many things as a family; Disneyland, parties, soccer practice, weddings, chillin', swimming, riding bikes, and just having a great time! Our kiddo's are growing up and becoming quite the adventure seekers!
Toon Town was great fun! My kids loved pretending they were cartoons!

Daddy's little kids. Jake and Lexi love their Dad more than anything in the world! Liz was mine for most of the summer but she as abandoned me for greener pastures, (Daddyland).

Lexi got to see Goofy after she rode the Tower of Terror. Jake and Lexi rode the scary ride with us. Jake sat next to me and I had to keep him from flying out of the seat! Lex said she didn't like it because it made her "tummy feel funny".Jake scored the most rides of all. Because we had babies some of us could ride twice on some rides. Jake got to ride Pirates of the Caribbean 2 times, Thunder Mountain 3 times, Maderhorn (SP?) 2 times, and the best ride of all, Space Mountain 3 times!!! He loved that ride the best. We all had a blast!

This face says it all... We had tonz of fun this summer!

Lexi and Lizie's B-Day was a fun Crayola Drawing Party with our friends! Lizie turned 1 on August 24th and Lexi turned 4 on August 27th!

Soccer is super fun and Lexi has her game face on!

Here's Jake with some sweet soccer skills

Dad and Lizie at the Temple for cousin Brittany's wedding!!

Almost all the Moody family was there. We love Britt and her new husband Trevor! It was a beautiful wedding planned in only 3 weeks! Good job Deb and Jon!

Fun drooling Liz. She is sooo cute!

We had so much fun with Gammy, Duke, and Aunts Shelle, Jaimee, and Hayley at the Zoo. Se saw so many animals. We love being with our family!
Lexi and aunt Hayley are just as beautiful to see as this awesome peacock.

Aunt Shelle, Jaimee and Hayley with Jake and Lexi and their huge giraffe. They are the best sisters and aunts ever!

We got to see the white crocodile! It was so cool!

This was Dad's fun work party at Boondocks. We had to try everything. Lexi strapped up but didn't want to climb any higher than one grip.

Jake made it pretty high and then it was "no mas!"
We loved our summer times!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hawaii 2005
We had a fabulous time in Hawaii in June 2005. Nicole's parents and sisters went too! We stayed in the best hotel/resort. It had work-out place, two man-made lagoons, a pool, and we stayed in a one bedroom suite complete with kitchen!

This is all the family who went with us. Mom, Dad, Jaimee, Hayley, Jake, Nicole, Todd, and Lexi. Shelle was with her performing group. What an excuse to go to Hawaii, gotta see our girl doing her thing!

This is the famous Hawaiian rainbow that came up at Pearl Harbor while we were in line. What a great memorial to all those who died there. Our Grandpa Memmott was stationed there at the time and remembers the planes and the bombings that occurred. Thank goodness we have brave people who are willing to serve our country so we can live in such freedom!!

Todd, Jake, and Nicole at the Pearl Harbor Memorial

Family (Dad and Nicole not in the pic) at the Polynesian Cultural Center. Most of the presenters were BYU Hawaii students speaking Spanish, Korean, English including all the Islander's languages, impressive!

Kiddos on the way to the Hawaiian beach!!
We had so much fun and the kids have asked to go back just like it's nothing! Thanks to Michelle for performing in paradise.

Monday, July 30, 2007

This Week at the Midway House
We hope all of you are having fun this summer and we love you all

Aunt Jaimee and aunt Hayley are posing for the camera as they jump into the water! We love to have family so close to be able to play and have fun together
Aunt Shelle and baby Lizie are basking in the sun up in Midway and loving it!

This week we went to Mom and Dad's Midway house and had a blast swimming and playing tennis and our new favorite game called Curses. The kids love to be together with their aunts and love to play in the water. This is Jake and Lexi having fun in the water!